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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Coil, the core of electronic cigarettes

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Coil, is the core of the electronic cigarette that work continuously to produce a good flavor. Most vapors may already know that most of the electronic cigarettes on the market at present are mainly with two different coil structure: “ceramic coil” and “mesh coil”.

“Ceramic coil”, that is, porous ceramic material as the atomization coil, through the porous ceramic material with strong adsorption to let the atomization liquid evenly penetrate and adsorbed in the surface of the substrate, to achieve stable liquid conduction and lock the function of the liquid, and different shapes of heaters are embedded in the ceramic substrate surface to complete the heating and atomization function.

The “Mesh coil” is widely used from the first generation of electronic cigarettes, using fiber cotton as the basic material for oil storage. The principle is to wrap the processed fiber cotton on the heating wire, so that the atomization liquid penetrates into the fiber cotton; after the atomization equipment is powered, the “mesh coil” soaked with the atomization liquid will be heated, thus realizing the atomization process.

Then, what’s the advantage of each of them?

The advantage of “ceramic coil” is that the taste is more delicate, the entrance is smoother, and can guarantee the stability of the taste through a stable atomization process, but the disadvantage is that the ceramic material preheating time is longer, the entrance experience is poor. At the same time, in the process of atomization heating, the material itself is easy to generate harmful substances, the atomized material heated by it may cause health problems once inhaled by the human body. Therefore, “ceramic coil” is still unable to obtain a more authoritative international safety certification.

The advantage of “mesh coil” is that there is a long period of accumulation, technology is more mature and stable. Organic cotton wrapped around the atomization fluid to make it more adsorption, so it brings the taste resolution, restoration, hierarchy are stronger. VAZO has steadfastly chosen to use cotton as our atomizer coil, in addition to giving users the most extreme taste experience, but also because the mature technology of mesh coils can maximize the safety of electronic atomizer use.

Equipped with the new XperienceTM technology, condensing the latest atomization technology and scientific research results of the third generation of VAZO PODs is a good improvement of the oil leakage problem, which is a long plagued problem of mesh coil catridge.

  On the road of pursuing better quality, we expect ZIPPO VAZO to give safer and more reliable products to the consumers.

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