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VAZO various IP colaborations

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Diversification and playfulness are the key words in VAZO’s vocabulary. In the e-cigarette industry, VAZO is known as a “crossover maniac”. Let’s look at the wonderful works in VAZO multi-IP universe.

Donglaiye Series

The unique oriental painting style, an element that attracts many consumers to the famous Chinese-style brand Donglaiye.

The traditional Chinese painting style and the e-cigarette full of modern technology join forces to bring a different kind of diversified charm.

Do you remember those years of youth ruled by EVA Neon Genesis Evangelion? The powerful mecha and the mythical storyline have made this classic animation a lingering memory for a generation.

VAZO brings the classic EVA mecha images such as EVANGELION Proto Tpye Unit 00, EVANGELION-01, EVANGELION-02 Production Model and classic “EVA” mecha image to the product. The limited-edition models sold out quickly on the day they were launched.

This is the extraordinary power of combining culture and technology.

Preciosa Series

Maybe you will think, can VAZO bring a new breakthrough in co-branding play beyond anime and cartoons?

That’s certainly not a problem! At the end of 2021, VAZO’s co-branding with Preciosa, a world-renowned jewellery manufacturer from the Czech Republic shook up the entire e-cigarette industry.

Hundreds of crystal-bright zirconia stones, hand-set by artisan coefficients, the gorgeous “Roaring Tiger” came out. This makes people sigh, whether this is an e-cigarette or an artifact in general.

ZE — Preciosa

Daring and fun-loving consumers, meet the diverse and innovative VAZO, what wonderful things are not possible? We’re not sure, but maybe there’s a chance that you can discover it all with your own eyes.

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