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VAZO, we work hand in hand with numerous outstanding partners.

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The power of a person is limited, and the power of a brand is often limited. But fortunately, on the way forward for VAZO, we work hand in hand with numerous outstanding partners.

Lecco, from Lenovo, is a pioneer in China’s smart retail industry. Currently, Lecco Smart Life has more than 650 retail stores nationwide and is expected to continue to build more than 1,000 smart retail stores.

In July 2021, VAZO officially entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Lecco, and both parties will launch an in-depth mutual assistance and benefit in offline channels and smart retail.

Until now, VAZO has been stationed in over 500 Lecco retail stores, bringing quality and safe e-cigarette products to more consumers who enjoy a smart and trendy lifestyle.

VAZO at Lenovo Lecoo

There’s also close cooperation between the digital 3C sector and VAZO. DIXINTONG has a large network of brick-and-mortar stores covering most of the provinces in China. It has one of the top sales rankings in most provinces throughout China.

In June 2021, VAZO officially entered into a channel partnership with DIXINTONG, the largest mobile phone professional chain in China. Now VAZO is present over 300 DIXINTONG stores in various cities across the country and will further expand this number in the future depth cooperation.


In addition to DIXINTONG, DRAGONSTAR, another famous digital 3C distributor, is also a powerful partner to help VAZO’s channel expansion.

In August 2021, VAZO and DRAGONSTAR reached a channel cooperation, now the cooperation of products covering Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities.

In the offline department store retail field, VAZO and ONE IDEA, a lifestyle department store brand under the chain brand Hot wind Group, have reached a channel cooperation in July 2021. Up to now, VAZO has joined ONE IDEA in 44 cities nationwide, with hundreds of stores.

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