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VAZO – Antique silver series

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If you are a Zippo fan, you will be familiar with the following lighters.

Zippo’s one of the most classic series, antique silver series. On the panel of pure copper, the vintage and old fuselage, after time grinding, produce a different texture.

And for VAZO, who’s adhering to the Zippo DNA, naturally will not miss antique silver this absolute classic style. Here let me show you some of VAZO’s antique silver products!

【Hunting eagle】

An eagle that catches its prey in the dark can deliver a quick and deadly blow at any moment.Full of wild at the same time, the appearance is also extremely delicate, suitable for the variety of your style.

【Radio Gaga】

Full of modern sense of a work, retro and fashion fusion style, let it look full of mystery. Beyond the sense of a steam wave style, there’s a hint of the future.

【Soaring Phoenix】

In ancient Chinese and western legends, the phoenix is a creature that can bring people luck. In our products, the phoenix appears so lifelike, the movement is free and smart.


In each of VAZO antique silver products, very pure copper sheet is used. The silver color represents the deposition of years and the classic interpretation. The multiple patterns have a great texture on the pure metal sheet. Pure copper is not easy to fade, the picture is durable.


Which one is your favorite? Please feel free to write down your comments and tell us!

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