WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VAZO got e-cigarette industry license of China

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In the environment of China’s electronic cigarette market layers of regulation, vazo brand as a practitioner of the electronic cigarette industry strictly comply with laws and regulations, actively respond to industry supervision and management, carefully study the policy and strictly in accordance with the policy to promote the implementation, effectively fulfill social responsibility, and make positive contributions to the healthy development of the industry and society.

In May 2022, vazo upgraded and optimized the performance of e-cigarette products that comply with the national standard. In mid-May, the adjustment of all packaging and manual content and slogans was completed. In late May, the development of the national standard-compliant e-cigarette vaporizer was finally completed.

In June 2022, vazo continued to make efforts and completed the development of all products and packaging in compliance with the national standard in early June. At the same time, vazo’s first wave of product self-tests was completed, and the results showed that some of the self-tests had passed. on June 17, vazo issued an announcement announcing that it was saying goodbye to fruit flavored vapes and would officially discontinue production of fruit flavored vapes on July 1.

In September 2022, after carefully studying and resolutely implementing the national standard of “Electronic Cigarette” and the “Electronic Cigarette Management Rules”, vazo brand officially obtained the “Tobacco Monopoly Production Enterprise License (Electronic Cigarette Brand Holding Enterprise)” issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, since then vazo brand officially entered a new stage of compliance development.

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